The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman – Book Review

by Melita Rahmalia
This is a good book to start if you want to get to know the work of John Gottman, a pre-eminent relationship researcher who have dedicated all his life into the studies of how couples relate to each other, how they get bad, and how they can thrive.
The book is divided into talking about each principle in detail in separate chapters. It is very good if you haven’t had many relationships in your life, but is determined to make your marriage work. Written in such simple words, with clear case studies and examples that can be so easily understood, and an explanation on how to apply the principles in our lives, this is a very useful book.
And the principles are not just good for marriage, it is also good for romantic relationships or just with your siblings and your friendships. Basically, it works to follow these principles if you want to have a long-lasting relationship with anyone. Though of course, this is most suitable to be applied within the framework of a marital relationship.
But, I mean, one of the principle is turning towards your spouse, which means that you respond positively way more often than you respond negatively, for appeals to connect? That’ll definitely work wonders too even if you apply it to your parents or close friends from that community club.
And another is about holding on to feelings of fondness and admiration, focusing on things that you like and admire from them? Well, that’ll work wonders too with anyone.
So, don’t wait to get married to read this work. I read this when I was so, so, so single, totally have no idea who I’d end up with, and I found it very useful and imminently practical and immediately applicable. If your relationships with people around you is important to you, that it matters, then you would do wonders with this book. 

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