The Crowning Venture: Inspiration from Women Who Have Memorized the Quran – Book Review

by Melita Rahmalia
I love the flow of this book, the writing style and tone (very positive and encouraging), as well as the stories of the women included inside (and how diverse it is).
Saadia Mian told her own personal stories, the women she interviewed, and gave plenty of tips and guidance for women who want to memorize the Qurán.
However, though the book go for inspirational vibe, but I think the overall vibe is it’s just a book that tries to be practical and provides you with the practical tools.
After numerous attempt, and failing to be able to recite fluently from my memory more than one page at once, even after 6 sessions with my Qurán Buddy, I now realized that memorizing the Qurán is not just about technique and determination, though it surely is a really big part of it.
I wish she would have talked and addressed more about that – that it’s not just techniques, tips, and determination, but also about your heart, your emotions, your spirituality, your intention, and your resoluteness about the beliefs you hold about Allah and the Qurán. 

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