Njoto: Peniup Saksofon di Tengah Prahara – SERI BUKU TEMPO Orang Kiri Indonesia

by Melita Rahmalia

The first book I read in the series, and because it was so well-written, it made me go out and look for more books in the series. I now have finished another one, and is on track to finish two more books in the series.
This is a very revealing book about a very interesting man. Poetic without missing the beat on factuality, the book painted a portrait of Njoto, a complex man, an enigma, a mystery, that would just incite more curiosity once you finished the book. This is a book that asks us to be a human being to another human being – no matter how starkly different our ideologies are. A really, really good reminder for the time being. 

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