Neon Soul by Alex Elle – Book Review

by Melita Rahmalia
Alexandra Elle is a proponent of self-care for American black women in the era of Instagram. Her first book, Words from a Wanderer, was a surprise hit. It was written as she was undergoing a bad breakup that led to a dating hiatus and a focus on her self – care, and it resonated with a whole crowd of young women. Not long after that dating hiatus, she found the love of her life.
Her words are soft, kind, and gentle. Her compassionate soul pierced through her every writing piece in the books. Just like her previous ones, this book, Neon Soul, is heart-warming, heartbreaking, and soul-nourishing, all at the same time. At its core though, her work is an exploration on what it means to truly love yourself fully, warts and all. Mistakes and all. Pain and all. But to never let those love be a justification on how badly you could treat others. Her words will make you realize that you can take better care of yourself and release yourself from past wounds, simultaneously. Self- affirming notes are plenty and easy to find here, but it also never fails to remind you to keep learning, to keep your generosity of spirit, and above all, to keep loving – with yourself, with others you may meet and stay or not stay together forever, and with the journey you’ll have to take on in life. 

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