Musso: Si Merah di Simpang Republik – SERI BUKU TEMPO Orang Kiri Indonesia

by Melita Rahmalia
My first impression when I read this book was, what a tragic story.
Then I wondered why I felt so sad after reading this.
Then I realized, Musso’s story is a truly tragic tale, an immensely sad ending to a life that was vibrantly lived once.
If your empathy is working just fine, then you would be able to tap into the spirit of Musso, and how genuinely hard he worked at achieving his vision.
Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. He lived by his vision, and he died because of that vision.
So if you want to read a story about a character with such singular focus and vision, his story is a good place to start. Have a dream, have a vision, work hard for it, even when the whole world is against it. Keep it alive. Just remember, keep yourself alive too, and don’t get shot. Don’t get into a situation where an army of national government felt that it was necessary to shoot you and make sure you die – because it is a matter of national security. Just don’t. 

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