Life is not logical

by Melita Rahmalia

Hi guys! Have you looked up and looked around today? 

Because I was at an airport this week, and I was supposed to board the plane from the A6 gate. I saw the A1 and A5 gate, so I walked straight to the A5. Holy moly, then I found out that the A6 gate is actually BEFORE the A5 gate. So I had to go back again. Turns out that somewhere before A5 gate, there is a small door which leads to A6. 

Where in the world would A6 gate be located before the A5 gate? The real world, apparently. 

Sometimes in life, we like to think logically. Rationality is a comfort for some of us. It makes things easy. It makes things look clear cut. 

But life is not logical sometimes. 

How could it be when even an airport cannot always be properly ordered? 

When we focus on being rational, logical, following all the rules, crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s, and putting on a horse eye blinder to our surroundings, we’ll miss the right step sometimes. And we are going to have to go back again. 

So here’s a reminder to stop being so attached to what makes sense. Here’s a reminder to start looking around to notice what’s real and what’s happening in front of you. 


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