Lessons from Betti Alisjahbana

by Melita Rahmalia

I had the fortune to meet Betti Alisjahbana and listened to her speaking when I was volunteering as a Social Media Admin during the event of CeweQuat Internationale Forum 2016.

Betti Alisjahbana is a former CEO of IBM Indonesia (2000-2008). Betti now works for QB Leadership, which she founded, and has a vision to create more capable leaders with high integrity for Indonesia. As an implementation of that vision, Betti was chosen as one of the Selection Committee members to choose the leader of the anti-corruption committee in Indonesia.

She was very generous with her advice. I really think she gave super-valuable presentation there. Substantial and practical, instead of just “sharing stories and experiences” that many speakers often did in these kind of events, just recounting their experiences without sharing their reflections, lessons learned, etc.

She talked about 5 qualities of women leadership in global market, which are:

1. Vivid vision
2. A winning team
3. Performance oriented
4. Extreme customer focus
5.  Win-win mindset

She also shared a lot of her success tips during the early years of her careers. The first woman in Asia Pacific to hold the title of President Director of a country branch of IBM, she rose from a trainee position because she developed a habit of working longer than others. And every time she held new responsibilities she always developed her vision- what could she do that will make a difference? What are the ideal end result at the end of her time there?  And based on that vision she made plans and then worked her networks to get feedback and help. If she didn’t have it, she built it.  In addition, she also had leadership development workshop 3 times within the period of 1997 to 2001. She invested her time in developing her capability.

I love listening to her on stage and love to hear her thoughts and ideas. Hope we all will benefit from her sharing!

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