His Praise, Our Happiness

by Melita Rahmalia

 So bear patiently with what they say. Glorify your Lord, praising Him before sunrise and before sunset, and in the watches of the night,111 and glorify Him and at the ends of the day that you may attain to happiness. (QS Thahaa: 120) 


I am always looking for that elusive “happiness”. To attain the feeling of happiness.  And of course, me, like so many other human beings, tried through many attempts, some feeble and some passionate, to search it in all the wrong places. 

And yet the remedy is so simple in the Qur’an: glorifying Him and praising Him at the beginning and the end of your day.

It might be hard for me to do many things to obey Him, but Alhamdulillah, praising Him is easy. Glorifying Him was something that comes more naturally. I was always in awe of what He appears to be doing, what He appears to be. Stories of how He treats and loves His creations.  His promises and appreciation.

All kinds of intervention, just in time for when I really need it.

All kinds of forbearance and mercy, just when I thought I could not possibly have another chance.

There is a spot in the human’s heart that can only be filled with His Praise.

And when you deprive it for a long period of time, it is no wonder that your days start to feel bleak. Your mind starts to come up with all kinds of dark things.

The remedy is so simple: give your heart its nourishment, the praise of its Creator.

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash



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