2 C & 2 R to deal with your mistakes

by Melita Rahmalia

Your mistakes are what make you human, and the essence of being a human is this: to exercise your humility.

That’s why we humans make mistakes on a daily basis, because we need to do humility all day all night.

And mistakes make us better at that.

Don’t sweep them under the rug. Don’t hang them dry either.

But be ready to embrace, and you will see that all of your mistakes enable you to go forward.

Arrogance has no place in your evolution: you are going to stay humble through all your mistakes.

You will see the light: that your mistakes can serve you, if you know how to treat them well.

And you will treat them well: with care and compassion, remembrance and reverence. And you will thrive.

The 2C and 2R to deal with your mistakes:

Care & Compassion

Treat your mistakes with care and compassion. Listen to what it tries to tell you, pay attention to it. Understand how it happened and what led you to it. Don’t get embarassed by it and scold it like it’s the black sheep of the family. It’s an important, essential part of your self.

Remembrance & Reverence

Mistakes are teachers, trying to teach you important lessons. Remember those lessons, and give them respect by allowing them to have a say (just some, not all decisions should be dictated by your mistakes) in how you make your choices and decisions, going forward.

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